Top touring artists ranging from Germany's legendary rock band 'PUR', Holland's 'Golden Earring' and Canada's 'Moffat's' demand Apogee systems for their shows. From heavy metal to jazz and folk, Apogee delivers!
  • "PUR", Germany
    One of the leading bands for more than a decade, PUR has toured extensively in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to capacity crowds using a large rig of Apogee 3X3s, C-3s, AE-11s and AE-15s in both indoor and outdoor venues. The outdoor shows use two hydraulic cranes to support the large rig. Mainstream press and trade journals alike have praised the system for its remarkable clarity, presence and authenticity to the sound of the albums.

  • Golden Earring
    For nearly a decade these legendary Dutch rockers have used Apogee systems both indoors and out for all their electric and acoustic productions. Long live 'Radar Love'!

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