Live Television Events
Apogee has more credits to its name in the field of live TV than any other sound system manufacturer.

Seven years of the Grammy Awards, six of the Academy Awards, the Soul Train Awards, The American Music Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions are just a few of the hundreds of TV shows that have benefited by using Apogee's superbly built products. Recent events include the 'Soap Opera Awards', 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy'. If you're working in live sound for television, you've probably already used an Apogee system many times over.

Make sure to check out our new Linear Array Series Speakers - their highly precise pattern control gets the sound into the audience where it's needed, without bouncing off walls and ceilings. The result is an ultra-clean PA and a dry, manageable air mix!
  • Soap Opera Awards- Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
    Eighteen ALA-5s (three clusters of six) were used to cover the 7000 seat Universal Amphitheater for this prestigious yearly event. The lavalieres and podium mics were easily able to able to punch over the boisterous crowd.

  • Wheel of Fortune
    The reigning king of game shows has been touring with an Apogee system for several years. 'Wheel' is shown here in a remote production on the beach at Waikiki, Hawaii.

  • The Golden Globe Awards
    Apogee has long been the speaker system of choice for this prominent and lively award show, second only in impact to the Oscars.

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