Digital Loudspeaker Controller
The DLX24 is a loudspeaker controller designed to provide the key elements that help ensure optimal loudspeaker system performance and management in a variety of live sound and fixed installation applications. It is intended to be the last device in the signal chain before the power amplifier(s). The DLX24 is usually fed signal from a mixing console, although the source may be one of a number of devices such as a CD player, MP3 player, or equalizer.
Configurable for any Combination of Apogee Speaker Types
Over 910 Milliseconds of Delay (per channel)
System Design Capabilities
Level, Polarity, and Filter Control
2 Input, 4 Output Controller    
8 Bands of Parametric Equalization (per channel)    
Front and Remote Control    


For description and Software Downloads for Model DLC24 (discontinued), click here.


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