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Available Models:
CA8000D, CA8000DX,
CA8000DE, CA8000DXE, CA8000DEC

Spec Sheet - Manual

• Unparalleled Sonic Quality

• Exceptional Reliability

• Cost-Effective Design

• Reduced Heat Output

• High-Performance DSP Module (CA8000DX/DXE)
Apogee's 8000D and 8000DX Amplifiers offer cost-effective performance for permanent installations and commercial sound. Suitable for high-end installations, the CA8000DX offers state-of-the-art built-in DSP module for extensive and comprehensive signal processing including factory loudspeaker presets, turning the amplifier into a complete audio solution. The DSP module is PC remote controlled by intuitive System Control Manager software.

These CA amplifiers use the latest in amplifying technology. They provide unparalleled sonic quality, exceptional reliability, reduced heat output, and are 2-ohm stable. Both Models are 2 units high, and feature front panel level controls with tamper-resistant covers to avoid any unwanted altering or inadvertant adjustment. Fully featured, the CA amplifiers offer balanced inputs and 4 pole Spealon connector outputs.

An intelligent system in the CA8000D and CA8000DX limits harmonic distortion by monitoring the transient behavior of the input signal. Speaker protection is provided by means of an ultra-fast crowbar circuit. Both models are equipped with smart back-to-front colling system for quite, efficient cooling.
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CA8000DX Back View Click image for larger view
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