MARS: Apogee's Exclusive Modular Arrayable Rigging System

Apogee 3X3S2 Array with MARS Rigging

All Apogee loudspeakers are equipped with rigging points to facilitate safe and secure flying using a variety of yoke assemblies and rigging components that are available for most models.

And because many Apogee loudspeakers like the AE-5, 3X3s2, AE-8, AE-9, C-3 and AE-15 are fully arrayable, a special collection of hardware has been designed to allow simple or complex arrays to be quickly and easily configured. This hardware is referred to as the Modular Arrayable Rigging System, or "MARS" for short.

MARS clears away the unwieldy "bumpers", trusses and grids of conventional rigging systems, allowing the installer or touring sound engineer to quickly and easily create a properly aligned array that is ideally suited to each unique acoustical environment. With MARS the possibilities for system configurations are endless. And because of its modularity you will never 'run out of truss' like with conventional rigging.

Apogee loudspeaker systems and MARS components far exceed even the most stringent safety standards in the world.







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